Monday, March 19, 2012

What's in a title?

I haven’t talked much about my creative writing prospects in this blog yet. I have a lot of writing goals I’d like to accomplish. When my time on this planet is up, I’d like to have written a successful Broadway play, a TV show, a movie, a couple of New York Times best sellers, and a variety of children’s books. One goal at a time, though, eh?

Right now I’m focusing on a TV pilot I’ve been working on. Since I started writing it, I’ve been watching a lot of sitcoms, studying the format.

One show I’ve been watching a lot of is The Beverly Hillbillies. Definitely Amaaazing. It’s such a simple concept (a rags-to-riches story), but it’s a hilarious one at the same time. A family of hillbilly folk striking oil and moving to Beverly Hills? Hilarity is sure to ensue.

One of my favorite things about it though is the clever wording in the title. Combining “Beverly Hills” with “Hillbillies” to get “Beverly Hillbillies” gives anybody reading a TV Guide a clear indication as to what the show is about.

It works really well.

Of course, the theme song (a 'Thank you' goes out to BlastFromTheePast for uploading that on YouTube) was awesome too. I watch the episodes on my DVD just to hear it!