Sunday, July 21, 2013

Charlotte Cupcakes - Polka Dot Bake Shop

Unlike the rest of the cupcake shops I’ve tried this year, Polka Dot Bake Shop was one place I’ve been before.

I first tried one of their mini-cupcakes at the 2012 Taste of Charlotte. After trying that mini red velvet cupcake, I went back for a second. Damn, they were good! When it came time for my birthday celebration, I chose Polka Dot Bake Shop cupcakes over a cake.

I don’t remember what kind of cupcakes I had, but red velvet was one of them.

When I went in this time around, they thankfully had red velvet as one of the options.

Once again, it didn’t disappoint. I got a few other cupcakes this time though: key lime, gluten free banana and chocolate salted caramel.

Key Lime

I tried the key lime cupcake first. It was moist and fluffy, with a definite kick of lime. The frosting was amazing. It was thick and flavorful.

Biting into this cupcake there’s a sour taste at first, but then a sugary sweetness kicks in. Then, the taste turns back to sour when you hit the lime center. There’s about a dime-sized bit of lime filling in the key lime cupcake.

The unique roller coaster ride of flavors was fun to experience. Most cupcakes have one taste to it and that’s it. Even when they combine flavors, most cupcakes don’t switch tastes in the middle of a bite.

This Polka Dot key lime cupcake seemed liked something that could be found in the Wonka factory if it existed. The ever-changing-flavored cupcake!

Seriously, though, this key lime gets a thumbs up…or, in this case, a three and a half cupcake rating.