Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Charlotte Cupcakes - Wow Factor Cakes

This week I went to a new cupcake shop to Charlotte: Wow Factor Cakes.

The business has been around for years, but they've only done weddings and private events. There wasn't a physical bakery location that was open to the public.

It's located on Park Road, right by Toast, another restaurant I've been hearing a lot about, but that's another story for another day.

There wasn't an incredibly large selection of cupcakes to choose from. There's a display case and a cash register near the front of the store, while a large velvet curtain and a few stackable shelves block the rest of the store, where several bakers are busy baking and designing, presumably wedding cakes.

There's enough of a selection of flavors to choose from though. I picked out three cupcakes, but I was tempted by the Cake Pops that Wow Factor offers. They are cake chunks covered in chocolate or white chocolate and placed on top of a stick. Cake suckers! Who would've come up with something like this? The people at the Minnesota State Fair may have. They put everything on a stick there.

Back to the cupcakes though. I bought a strawberry, an cappuccino and a butterscotch cupcake.