Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7 Super Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie

The Wolverine, which is sure to be yet another awesome super hero movie, will be released in theatres July 26.

It's interesting to note that, counting his cameo in X-Men: First Class, this will be the sixth time that Hugh Jackman appears on the big screen as Wolverine.

To put that into perspective, Christian Bale suited up to play Batman just three times, Tobey Maguire appeared in three Spider-Man movies, Christopher Reeve played Superman in four movies, and Sean Connery played James Bond in six movies.

Roger Moore beats them all out, starring in seven James Bond movies.

I don't know if those lists are impressive or just an example of Hollywood's habit of finding a formula and sticking with it.

There are literally dozens of characters to choose from in D.C. and Marvel's libraries, yet there's always a focus on the same core group of super heroes. When an actor or director gets bored and calls it quits, they just do a reboot with a new actor in the role of Batman, Superman or Spider-Man.

With a vast list of characters to choose from, it's kind of disappointing that more super heroes aren't featured in their own movies on the big screen. Here's a list of seven super heroes I'd like to see become a priority:

7. Ms. Marvel

With a name like Ms. Marvel, you’d think that the character would be a priority for Marvel Comics. That’s not the case though.

Her legacy has basically been that her powers were absorbed by Rogue.

Exploring her back story could create a fresh super hero movie if done right.

A hot, powerful blonde in a tight, black outfit – how could that movie not at least break even?