Sunday, May 12, 2013

Charlotte Cupcakes: FuManChu Cupcakes

Finally! This week I snagged myself a FuManChu cupcake. Unlike some other cupcakes in Charlotte, there are some very original flavors at FuManChu -- several of which include alcohol.

It's a business started up by a man in Charlotte. His website says he's trying to open up shop someplace. I stumbled upon the site last year, when it said a shop would be opening in December. Plans fell through apparently because the shop is still in the works.

That means the only way to get a FuManChu cupcake is to pick it up from one of the bars that sells them. Each Tuesday and Thursday they are available at a bar or restaurant in NoDa, on North Davidson Street.

I tried to pick one up a couple of month's ago, but the bar they were being sold at was closed because there was some kind of small group theatre production happening. I tried the following Thursday, but Mr. FuManChu was sick, so there were no cupcakes available that day.

Needless to say, I was happy to see a tweet mentioning that they'd be available at Salud Beer Shop at Davidson and E. 36th Street. After work, I stopped by to pick one up.

They do charge for parking there, but only if you're staying to dine. When I told the parking attendant I was there to pick up a cupcake, he had no problems letting me in.

The cupcakes were enclosed in an upside down plastic cup, like some of the other mobile cupcake sellers use.

There was only one flavor available that night, so I didn't have any troubles deciding which cupcake to buy. I really didn't care because, after weeks of waiting, I finally had a FuManChu Cupcake.