Sunday, August 18, 2013

Charlotte Cupcakes - Maddy's Fatty's

Even though I was in Cornelius months ago, specifically looking for a cupcake shop, I somehow missed Maddy’s Fatty’s.

It’s located a mile or two west of exit 28, off I-77.

When I walked in I noticed, right away, that they were the creative type. There were a variety of flavors that weren’t the usual suspects you see when you go into a bakery.

I can see why they made it onto Cupcake Wars, which reminds me. I said in one of my earlier reviews, that Cupcrazed was the only bakery in the Charlotte area featured on Cupcake Wars.

That’s evidently not the case. Maddy’s Fatty’s can be added to that list.

Besides the several cupcake flavors, they have a variety of other treats. I’m not sure exactly what this is in the photo to the left, but it looks delicious. It appears to be some kind of cake/cracker sandwich with filling and frosting on top.

I was there for the cupcakes though, so I passed on the other goodies.