Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some Standout Singles

Lets start out with the awesome news that I read recently: Daughtry is coming out with a new album -- Baptized – on November 19. I’m very excited about that since Break The Spell is, by far, the most played album on my iTunes.

The lead single for that album is different than Daughtry’s last go around, which had a very rock n’ roll vibe to it. “Waiting for Superman” is more mellow, but still seems like something you’d expect from Daughtry.

It's about a woman waiting for her Superman to come along and love her.

I'm not sure what inspired the Superman-themed song (or why they didn't release this before the Man of Steel movie was released), but it's a stellar song. I read that the band was hoping to do a more radio-friendly album this time around, steering away from the hard rock they utilized on Break The Spell.

Wikipedia’s page on Baptized says the band changed directions with this album, “hoping to fit into the radio generation at the moment.” Apparently this includes, “adding Electric pop and Pop elements to the band music.”

I think I'm OK with that because, even at their most mellow, Daughtry will always be a rock band. Unfortunately, I don't know if their method will work. I haven't heard "Waiting for Superman" much yet. Maybe it will gain momentum, though, like Paramore's "Still Into You" (another awesome song!).