Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top 10 Coolest Super Hero Weapons

Thor 2 is in theatres tonight! I’m very excited to see this movie.

I’m more excited to see Thor 2 than Man of Steel actually. Thor has always been a fun super hero. He’s kind of like a mix between Superman and Hercules.

It’s been impossible to completely avoid the trailers (I have been trying!), but from what I’ve seen it looks like it won’t disappoint.

It also looks like there will be some cool fight scenes involving Thor’s trademark hammer. I came up with a list of the coolest super hero weapons. Thor’s hammer was one of them that made the list.

Check out the rest of them below.

10. Ghost Rider’s chain

When fighting demons and the dead, you need to have a few good weapons handy.

Ghost Rider’s flaming chain is his go-to weapon. I’m not sure exactly how long the chain is, but it looks to be a decent length.

Ghost Rider uses it like a whip sometimes. Other times he uses it as a lasso, wrapping his enemy up in it. The chain is essentially unbreakable. Once the Rider has his enemy chained up, the chain will light up with soul fire, causing the victims' soul and body to burn.

Heaving around a heavy, lengthy chain could be cumbersome, but the chain wraps itself around the upper torso of Ghost Rider's body, making it easy to transport and always accessible. It makes a pretty bad-ass fashion statement too!

9. The Planeteers’ rings

Captain Planet’s planeteers summon him by combining the power from their rings, which were given to them by Mother Earth.

Individually, their rings have pretty cool powers too. Each ring has it’s own power: Earth, fire, wind, water and heart. Kwame’s Earth ring can make the ground beneath someone’s feet move. He can basically restructure the ground. Wheeler’s fire ring, as you can probably guess, blasts fire.

Linka’s ring can create a windstorm that rivals Storm’s mutant ability to do so.

Those are probably the three most useful of the five rings.

Gi’s water ring, opposite of Wheeler’s fire ring, can control water. The problem with her ring is that it won’t create water. In order to use her ring, water has to be present. Monte’s ring – heart – was always my least favorite, though he was able to tame a few vicious animals by using his ring.