Thursday, January 2, 2014

Things We Learned in 2013

There were a few things that were learned over the course of the last 12 months. Here are the most important things:

If you want a successful movie at the box office, put The Rock in it. The man was the highest grossing actor of the year (even beating out Robert Downey Jr.).

Batman is the best super hero of all time. They wouldn’t even let him rest in peace. The Dark Knight trilogy just ended and they're already planning more movies with a new Batman. Even Spider-Man got three years before they rebooted his franchise.

Billy Ray Cyrus is not the father of the year. Watch the Mtv Video Music Awards to see proof of that.

The Carolina Panthers can be a legitimate team. They've had the best season in over a decade. Super Bowl chances?? We'll see. One thing is for sure: it's Cam Newton's best season yet.

The Top 40 Singles of 2013

It's 2014, but I'm not done looking back on 2013 yet, so let's take a look at the top 40 songs that were played on the radio this year.

I was tempted to put songs like “Blurred Lines” or “Royals” on this list because of the fact that they were so successful, but this list isn’t about commercial success or radio play. It's simply my favorite 40 singles of 2013.

40. Come and Get It
Artist: Selena Gomez
Release date: April 7, 2013
Album: Stars Dance
Peak position on Billboard's Hot 100: 6

Selena Gomez proved that she's nowhere near as annoying as her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. While her songs aren't as good as someone like Pink or Kelly Clarkson, Gomez may just end up being a decent pop singer yet.

39. Feel This Moment
Artist: Pitbull (featuring Christina Aguilera)
Release date: March 15, 2013
Album: Global Warming
Peak position on Billboard’s Hot 100: 8

This song, while not Pitbull's best, was a nice collaboration between the two pop standouts. The song uses the recognizable synth riff from A-ha's "Take On Me," which was one of the best aspects of the song.

38. Carolina
Artist: Parmalee
Release date: February 4, 2013
Album: Feels Like Carolina
Peak position on Billboard’s Hot 100:

I used to hate country music, but these days it's a different story because contemporary country music has some variety to it. Parmalee's "Carolina" is a great example of that.

It's got somewhat goofy lyrics, but the interesting singing voice and the musical elements of the song add up to make a very easy-listening track for a car ride.

37. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
Artist: The Band Perry
Release date: August 26, 2013
Album: Pioneer
Peak position on Billboard’s Hot 100: 59

"Don't Let Me Be Lonely" is a catchy, ear-pleasing song, but the lyrics are deeper than most songs you'd hear on the radio. Essentially a plea to God for courage to find love, the song tackles a topic almost everyone has gone through, is going through or will go through.