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Charlotte Cupcakes - Maddy's Fatty's

Even though I was in Cornelius months ago, specifically looking for a cupcake shop, I somehow missed Maddy’s Fatty’s.

It’s located a mile or two west of exit 28, off I-77.

When I walked in I noticed, right away, that they were the creative type. There were a variety of flavors that weren’t the usual suspects you see when you go into a bakery.

I can see why they made it onto Cupcake Wars, which reminds me. I said in one of my earlier reviews, that Cupcrazed was the only bakery in the Charlotte area featured on Cupcake Wars.

That’s evidently not the case. Maddy’s Fatty’s can be added to that list.

Besides the several cupcake flavors, they have a variety of other treats. I’m not sure exactly what this is in the photo to the left, but it looks delicious. It appears to be some kind of cake/cracker sandwich with filling and frosting on top.

I was there for the cupcakes though, so I passed on the other goodies.

Cannoli Cupcake

I love cannolis! Let that be said now. When I saw that they had a cannoli-flavored cupcake, I’m pretty sure I got wide-eyed. That was the first cupcake I bought and the first one I ate.

It set a high standard, too.

It was moist. It was thick, but still fluffy. What this cupcake reminded me of was some cottage cheese cookies I once had. If you have never had a cottage cheese cookie, it tastes a lot like a sugar cookie, but has a consistency that’s more like a really thick piece of cake.

That was the cannoli cupcake.

It did taste a lot like a cannoli. I’m not sure if it was the cupcake or the toppings that did the trick. I think the toppings may have given off that cannoli taste on their own.

The cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips, covered in powdered sugar, is classic cannoli. Mmmm!

Any cupcake that can capture a cannoli taste gets multiple cupcake-stars from me. Even if that cannoli taste hadn’t been so prevalent, it would have still been a heck of a good cupcake.

Strawberry Fields

I could probably take or leave this cupcake. It wasn’t bad and I didn’t regret getting it, but the previous two cupcakes left me licking the crumbs and remaining frosting from between the prongs of my fork.

I wasn’t doing that after I finished the Strawberry Fields cupcake.

I did like that the cupcake was vanilla, topped with strawberry buttercream frosting. A lot of strawberry cupcakes I’ve had are made with a strawberry flavor baked into the cupcake.

While that works sometimes, I enjoyed a very vanilla-flavored cupcake partnered with the strawberry frosting. There was also strawberry buttercream filling inside the cupcake too, but it didn’t help to win my taste buds over.

The Tin Roof

The name doesn’t make the cupcake sound too appetizing, but kudos for being creative.

This is a chocolate cupcake flavored with caramel and peanut butter filling. It’s topped with caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle and garnished with sea salt and peanuts.

When four of the seven flavors are caramel, you really can’t go wrong.

It was interesting at first bite. The frosting almost didn’t have a flavor at all. It was just sweet, sugary taste.

It wasn’t too sweet. It wasn’t bland either. Thankfully, the it wasn’t that horrible kind of overly whipped frosting that I’ve grown to dislike.

The frosting provided a really good balance to the cupcake, which can probably be best described as a dark chocolate cupcake.

If you emptied your milk glass while eating the previous cupcake, you’d better refill for this one!

The strong (and tasty) flavor of the cupcake matched up impressively with the tame frosting.

Red Velvet

It’s hard to go wrong with Red Velvet. It’s even harder, though, to get a really good red velvet cupcake.

The bakers at Maddy’s Fatty’s did a good job with it though.

It was extremely, extremely moist. The cupcake was actually glistening because it was so moist. It’s the kind of cupcake you want to have a glass of milk for.

The frosting was very creamy. Just like the frosting on the Tin Roof, it didn’t have an overpowering flavor. The cream cheese flavoring was identifiable. It was more like cream cheese-lite though.

The main star of this dessert was the cake.

The thick consistency and the scrumptious red velvet flavor stole the show.

Maddy's Fatty's
19905 West Catawba Avenue #105, Cornelius, NC 28031
Phone: (704) 439-0996

The positives: the cannoli flavored cupcake was amazing. I like their variety of flavors too. Next time, I'll have to venture out of my 'Red Velvet/Strawberry' comfort zone.

The negatives: not much to say here, but if you live in South Charlotte, this bakery is a decent distance away from you

The cost: the regular cupcakes are $2.50 each, the gluten free are $3.50 each, and the vegan are $3.00 each

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