Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choosing a side on DVD menu's -- what's the point?

Most DVDs go to a menu screen after you’re done hearing about ‘the cloud,’ how cigarettes can kill you and seeing a preview for the latest animated film.

Some, however, give you an option. ‘Pick a side,’ they say.

I’ve run into this twice recently – with the G.I. Joe DVD and The Break-Up DVD.

At first I thought it was a cool concept. Maybe, if you pick Cobra’s side, there’s an alternate ending? Or maybe some special features --- like an in-depth look at Storm Shadow’s sword training.

If you pick the side of the Joe’s, maybe there’s a look at their stunt training.

No, no, and no. I went with Cobra and it takes you to the exact same screen, with the exact same features, as it does when you pick G.I. Joe.

Same thing with The Break-Up.

The DVD menu looked very similar to the photo to the right of this text.

You choose Vince Vaughn’s side and it doesn’t give you any extra features.

There’s no reason to choose Jennifer Aniston’s side because there’s nothing different. No commentary with Jennifer Anniston.

I like the concept of making DVDs interactive. I like it when there are special features like deleted scenes, additional scenes, commentary and bloopers, at the very least.

However, what’s the point in choosing a side when there’s absolutely no reason to do so??!

It’s not that there’s that much work involved. Besides clicking a button and waiting five seconds for the DVD to load, there’s not a downside to it.

It just baffles me that there is absolutely no upside to it.

Allowing someone to pick a side and then not following through with something special is just a wasted opportunity to make the DVD experience more interactive in my opinion.

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