Friday, June 29, 2012

Crazy Charlotte Street Signs

Since moving to Charlotte over a year ago, I quickly noticed that the rules of the road are a little bit different here. You pretty much drive where you want to, when you want to.

If someone driving a big old Caddy wants to pass a CATS bus, they will. Oncoming traffic be damned!

The double yellow line in the center of the road is more like a guideline, anyway, right?

Then again, sometimes I don’t blame the drivers of Charlotte. I blame whoever designed some of these roads!

Take a look at these two intersections – two of them I frequent more often than I’d like.

Now you tell me that isn’t an accident just waiting to happen. It’s at spots like that where everyone sits in their car going, “Whose turn is it to go again?”

But, along with the crazy road designs come some pretty fun signs.

This one, for example, highlights one of the many complicated intersections in Charlotte.

You’ve also got your odd speed limits…

…and, of course, the crazy street names.

No molesters there!

A strong candidate for my favorite: Walk A Long Way. I love it!

Take a look at some other whacky signs in my latest YouTube upload.

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