Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pink vs. Christina Aguilera --- time for the next round?

I’m not the biggest fan of Christina Aguilera. She, of course, possesses singing talent, but in my opinion she rarely uses it. The needless screeching and the bellowing she adds in most of her songs just distract from the rest of what was good.

I don’t find her too annoying in her new single, “Your Body.”

The lyrics – which take being a “free” independent, without inhibition woman to a whole new level – are provocative. There’s no in between on this song. Ms. Aguilera wants it, needs it, and is going to have it.

I realized something about the song while it was playing over my car stereo yesterday. It’s very similar to Pink’s, “Slut Like You.”

Maybe it’s the questionable lyrics that triggered it. Or maybe it was simply because I just bought Pink’s new CD.

The songs don’t sound too similar, but they do send the same message. Pink’s version has more humor in it, but, without that, it’s a very similar song.

After reading a review of Aguilera’s new single online, I noticed that Max Martin and Shellback were the producers responsible for it. It turns out, they were the same team involved with Pink’s “Slut Like You.” I don’t know if the team had any writing involvement, but given Pink and Christina Aguilera’s history together and both releasing albums at the same time, I would think neither woman could be happy about the similarities.

After all, Kelly Clarkson got miffed at producer Ryan Tedder when her song, “Already Gone,” sounded too similar, musically, to Beyonce’s “Halo.”

Sometimes I wonder how the music makers can come up with such original content all the time. Apparently there's not always enough content to go around for everyone.

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