Wednesday, January 2, 2013

8 picks to play Wonder Woman

With all the super hero films that have been made in recent years, there’s one film that I feel movie makers are missing the boat on: Wonder Woman.

There have been talks about making a Wonder Woman film since the early 2000’s when Sandra Bullock, Lucy Lawless, and former WWE wrestler Chyna were considered strong candidates for the role.

In this – the era of the super hero film – a Wonder Woman script is apparently being worked on. It's the same story with the rumored Justice League movie. That puts a movie theater release at least two years out, so we’ll see if it actually happens.

Let's say a script got approved and production dates were set. Who would be the raven-haired beauty to cast?

Chyna probably wouldn't have given the best acting performance in the world, but in 2000 she did look the part. She, of course, had the athleticism. I don't know that it would have been anything more than a B-movie if Chyna was cast in the lead role, so it's probably best that the movie wasn't made at that point.

After a decade of drugs, emotional and physical abuse, and a new career in the adult film industry, I think it's safe to say the ship has sailed on Chyna.

I feel like the best option may be one that nobody else is thinking of -- a relative unknown. That's what Christopher Nolan did with the new Man of Steel movie, although it remains to be seen if that will be successful. It worked with Thor though. Before last year, Chris Hemsworth wasn't very well known, but he landed the role of Thor and had did it justice.

If Hollywood executives decide to go with a well-known name, here’s a shortlist of candidates I think could do the role justice (no pun intended):

8. Megan Fox: She was 'the next Angelina Jolie’ back when she was in the first two installments of the Transformers franchise.

Now, I’m not sure what she’s doing. I haven’t heard much about Fox and, to be honest, I’m not disappointed. She’s a hot, hot looking woman, but as an actress she leaves a lot to be desired. After Jennifer’s Body bombed at the box office, I’m not sure Fox could carry a lead role – especially not that of the main female super hero in the D.C. Universe. Keep Fox away from any Wonder Woman movie unless everyone else turns the role down.

7. Angelina Jolie: Speaking of Angelina, she’s one who could probably fit the bill as Wonder Woman, but she wouldn't be my first choice.

She’s in her mid-30s now, but whether it’s in the Tomb Raider films, in Wanted or in Salt, Jolie has shown that she can hold her own in an entertaining action movie. I'm not sure Jolie is the best fit for the character though. She doesn't have the right body for it and I don't know that Jolie would be able to do as much with the role as some others possibly could.

6. Jennifer Garner:
She didn’t do the role of Elektra any favors in 2005, but I think Jennifer Garner would do much better in the role of Wonder Woman.

The problem with Garner as Elektra is that Elektra is much more in-your-face sexy than Garner is. Garner is more of a wholesome, girl-next-door type. She gives off a vibe that says ‘long distance runner’ or ‘Olympic athlete’ – not sexy assassin. Wonder Woman is more of a muscular, athletic female role model – a role I think Garner would do well in.

5. Jessica Biel:
Mrs. Justin Timberlake has delved into the action movie genre before with 2004's Blade: Trinity and 2012's Total Recall.

Her acting has improved since her days on 7th Heaven. She could be a bankable Hollywood actress, as her star seems to be on a steady rise. I don't think she'd engage an audience, however. She's still middle-of-the-line to me. If she's in a movie, that's cool. I don't know that I'd go see a movie because she's in it though.

4. Jennifer Lawrence:
If D.C. wants someone to attract a new generation of fans to Wonder Woman, then Jennifer Lawrence may be just the person to do it. Besides playing Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, Lawrence played the younger version of Mystique in X-Men: First Class. With Lawrence set to star in Hunger Games: Catching Fire and X-Men: Days of Future Past, it's safe to assume she's not going away anytime soon. I think she could bring something

3. Kate Beckinsale:
Up next on the list is Jessica Biel’s Total Recall castmate, Kate Beckinsale.

Kate is no stranger to action films, having starred in Van Helsing and the Underworld series. I was left a little underwhelmed with the action in Total Recall, but I'd be willing to give her a chance as Wonder Woman. She looks the part and I think she has the acting abilities to bring the character to life.

2. Mila Kunis:
She’s not a muscular girl, but I think she could still be a convincing super hero.

2010's The Book of Eli wasn't filled with action sequences, but Mila was convincing as a tough, determined woman in that movie. She had a very successful 2011, where her star power rose immensely, and there were no major setbacks this year. I think she'd be a great, fresh pick to get fans interested in a few Wonder Woman films.

1. Sandra Bullock: Sandra was one of the original candidates and I think she is still one of the best choices.

She is 48 now -- several years older than she was before, but I think that could work in her favor. Robert Downey Jr. is 47 and he's revitalized Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. This older Sandra has proven herself as a box office attraction across all genres. Whether it's comedy or drama, Sandra pulls it off. I don't recall any action films on her resume, but, judging by her body, she lives healthy. She could probably pull off an action flick.

Even after all these years, Sandra still seems like the best choice to me.

Who is your choice?

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  1. Chyna in the 2000's and Megan Fox she more closely resembles lynda carter then any one else and naturally has dark hair and light eyes.