Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Dennis the Menace Discovery

I recently made a very interesting discovery. It’s not quite at the level of sliced bread, but darn close.

Let me set it up first though.

I recently watched Home Alone, just like I do every Christmas. One of my gifts this year was the Dennis the Menace DVD.

That’s how I made the discovery.

I was watching Dennis the Menace – the scene with the – and noticed two familiar faces.

Bill Erwin and Billie Bird played the married couple in this scene. Now if you’re like me, those names probably don’t ring a bell.

What if I mention the movie Home Alone – specifically the scene in the airport with the mother?

Yep. The same two actors.

That’s two movies that Erwin and Bird co-starred in where they played a married couple.

And – there’s another Home Alone connection. Devin Ratray – who will probably always be most famous for playing Kevin McAllister’s older brother, Buzz, in Home Alone is also in Dennis the Menace.

He plays the babysitter’s boyfriend.

Well there you have it. One notch below sliced bread.

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