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Movie trailers: Star Trek, Fast 6, The Wolverine, Thor and more!

I reviewed Iron Man 3 yesterday, but one thing I didn’t mention was the fact that the previews leading up to the actual movie were almost as entertaining as the movie itself. It was basically 10 minutes of fast-paced action movie previews.

Star Trek: Into Darkness
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I was anxious to see Star Trek before I saw the preview, but even moreso now that I have. It looks like Captain Kirk is really going to have his hands full with this new villain. Like with other trilogies and multi-film movies, there’s usually a darker movie – one where the super hero faces very threatening foes and not everyone makes it out of the film alive. The Dark Knight was that movie in the Dark Knight trilogy. Iron Man 3 was that movie in the Iron Man series. Spider-Man 3 was that movie in the Spidey movies starring Tobey Maguire. Into Darkness looks to be aptly named, as there are shots of crew members jumping off large buildings, falling towards the ground below. It will be interesting to see Kirk, Spock and company survive their latest challenge.

Fast 6
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Way back in 2001, I watched the first Fast and the Furious and thought it was crap – wasn’t impressed whatsoever. Between Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, there was a lot of bad acting in that movie. However, Fast 6 – starring The Rock – looks to be watchable.
I certainly won’t rush out to see it, but it may be worth of a Redbox rental in a ‘there’s nothing else that looks good’ situation. Lots of action, fast cars and some kind of betrayal/loyalty story between Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez.

I don’t know enough about the characters because I’ve missed four films in the series, but it sounded Diesel and Rodriguez are brother and sister.

The Wolverine
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There was a preview of The Wolverine when I went to see G.I. Joe 2, but the screen wasn’t working, so I got to listen to 3 minutes worth of a trailer. This time, however, the projector and screen were working just fine, so I got to see just how awesome The Wolverine looks to be.

There seems to be a new set of mutants fighting with and against Wolverine. There’s an interesting twist I wasn’t expecting: Wolverine has issues with his healing powers. I don’t know if someone gives him a shot or if there’s some kind of reverse operation that takes place, but the situation is more dire than ever for Wolverine because his mutant healing abilities are malfunctioning somehow. That means when he gets shot with a bullet, there’s a hole that’s left to heal.

Thor 2: The Dark World
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Wow! Wow, wow, wow!! I’m disappointed to read that Chris Hemsworth wasn’t too eager to play Thor again – although maybe it’s just because he and some of the other cast members of The Avengers didn’t get much of a pay day after that movie.

In any event, Thor 2 looks like it will be even better than the first one. Jane (Natalie Portman) gets transported to Thor’s world. While much of the fighting took place on Earth in Thor and several other scenes took place in Asgard, it looks like we will get to delve much deeper into the many world’s in Thor’s universe now.

Thor will still be one of Earth’s guardians, as there’s some kind of attempted invasion from other aliens. There was a shot of some kind of ship landing or attack near The Louvre.

There was even a clip of Thor going to Loki for help and in that one clip Loki stole the trailer. It should be an awesome movie!

Hunger Games: Catching Fire
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I liked The Hunger Games. I didn’t think it was amazing. It was probably a good 15 minutes too long as well. However, it was good. Catching Fire looks to be a lot more interesting than the first one.

I was worried it would be a repeat of the first one in a different setting – another Hunger Games competition. It looks like that really isn’t the case at all though.

It’s about the start of a civil war from the looks of it.

The organizers of the Hunger Games try to make an example out of Katniss Everdeen, but she’s no push over, so the tension will definitely reach a boiling point.

Catching Fire seems to provide a fresh (yet continued) story from the first movie and lay the groundwork for the next one.

White House Down
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Even though Channing Tatum (the man just can’t act!) is the main star of the movie, it looks to be half decent.

Basically a cop who didn’t have the best grades is trying to get into the Secret Service. Maggie Gyllenhaul is the woman that Tatum’s character interviews with for the job. She’s also possibly an old flame.

When the White House is ambushed as part of a terrorist attack, it’s up to Tatum to save the President (Jamie Foxx). Meanwhile Tatum’s daughter and several others are being held hostage.

It was a little uneasy to see the trailer – with shots of the White House exploding – especially with the same kind of destruction scenes in other movies. In The Avengers it was New York City. In G.I. Joe 2, much of London gets demolished. In Thor 2, it looks like a good portion of Paris will see destruction. In White House Down, it’s D.C. None of it’s real, obviously, but it’s scary to think that there are people out there actually planning, envisioning and hoping for similar attacks to become reality. Okay, the soap box is put away now.

If you put the real life tension with North Korea in the back of your mind, White House Down will probably be pretty good.

The Lone Ranger
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Of all the previews they showed, Disney's The Lone Ranger looks like the dud, which is surprising considering two of the other movies star Vin Diesel and Channing Tatum.

I’m no expert on the Lone Ranger, but it looks like they took some liberties with Johnny Depp’s character, "Tonto." He certainly seems like something right up Depp’s alley, but when I saw Depp in the trailer, it just seemed like a Captain Jack Sparrow rip-off with the crazy eyes and the unusual mannerisms.

Whoever it is that plays the Lone Ranger was entertaining in the trailer though.

The Lone Ranger is a western, but there will definitely be some modern-day elements to it, like fight scenes on the top of trains, gun fights and large explosions. We’re talking a train being de-railed and falling off of a bridge.

It may not be all that bad, but if you liked the original Lone Ranger, I get the feeling you may not like the movie.

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