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TV's Most Annoying Neighbors

Saturday was National Good Neighbor Day (the holidays they come up with, huh?).

Sometimes a good neighbor is someone who takes your garbage can out to the street when you're on vacation. Sometimes a good neighbor is someone who brings you baked goods. Other times a good neighbor is someone who leaves you the heck alone!

In the spirit of Good Neighbor Day, here are some examples of some not-so-good neighbors. In fact, they are TV's most annoying neighbors:

10. Marcy Darcy (Married with Children)

Imagine working all day as a measly shoe salesman (just so that your wife can try to spend all your money at the mall) and then coming home to find the rich, opinionated next-door-neighbor there.

Not only is she there, she's filling your wife's head with all kinds of notions about how you should be more romantic, more generous and not such a tightwad.

That's what Al Bundy had to deal with, living with Marcy Darcy. I'd insult her too, Al.

Liberated, know-it-all women are annoying neighbors.

9. Gladys Kravitz (Bewitched)

There are nosy neighbors and then there's Gladys Kravitz. She lived across the street from Samantha and Darren on Bewitched. As the self-designated neighborhood gossip, she could always be found in front of her window, peering through the curtains to make sure there were no shenanigans going on.

Living near a neighbor like that is bad enough if you're a regular human being, but imagine doing that when you're a witch, who is trying to keep crazy, whacky family members in check.

I'm surprised Samantha didn't just nose-twitch Gladys into a frog and be done with her. Nosy neighbors are annoying neighbors.

8. Kramer (Seinfeld)

Kramer was a relatively harmless neighbor. He was just bizarre. Well -- on second thought -- he did his fair share of damage. He destroyed Jerry's car when he put blood in the radiator. He also used some of Jerry's kitchen utensils for a variety of personal reasons.

There were a few times he did damage to Jerry's relationships too, showing up when things were about to get intimate or saying something that ruined the mood.

7. Kimmy Gibbler (Full House)

Danny Tanner didn't like his daughter's best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, and he didn't make any bones about it. On one hand, she seems innocent. She's a child, after all. How bad can it be?

Sometimes an added comment, usually at the wrong moment, is all it takes to get under someone's skin. That's what Gibbler did best.

She always had a sarcastic comment to make the situation worse.

Kids from next door with smelly feet and no filter between their brain and mouth are annoying neighbors.

6. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

"Penny!" *Knock, knock* "Penny!" *Knock, knock* "Penny!" *Knock, knock*

Imagine that happening on a Saturday morning when you are trying to sleep in. That's what Penny has to deal with on a regular basis on The Big Bang Theory. I'm sure it also doesn't help that Sheldon has no qualms about insulting someone if he deems it to be a truthful statement.

You can't just exchange pleasantries with him and have normal chit-chat while going up three flights of apartment stairs together. There's usually a diss coming your way.

If he ever does find himself into your apartment, you may hear Sheldon say, "Explain to me an organizational system where a tray of flatware on a couch is valid. I'm just inferring that this is a couch, because the evidence suggests the coffee table is having a tiny garage sale."

OCD geniuses are annoying neighbors.

5. Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

As annoying as Sheldon Cooper would be to have as a neighbor, Penny has her downside too.

There were several episodes of The Big Bang Theory that pointed out the fact that Penny, while pretty, is a moocher.

She'll show up just as you're about to eat your Chinese takeout, delivered pizza or homemade pasta. She never flat-out asks for a dish, but it's implied.

Moochers are annoying neighbors -- no matter how hot they are.

4. Tie: Frank and Marie (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Up until now, the entire list consists of neighbors you could conceivably tell off.

If a neighbor annoys you too much, you can, at the end of the day, tell them to 'Get lost!'

Things are a little more complicated when your annoying neighbors across the street are your annoying parents across the street.

That's what Ray Barone found out in Everybody Loves Raymond. As annoying as it was having his parents show up at inconvenient times (his mother insulting his wife's cooking, his father taking control of the TV), Ray couldn't get rid of them.

He tried to hide, but it didn't work. He tried to make it uncomfortable for them, but it didn't work. Even if they do get insulted, they're family, so they're bound to get over it.

Parents are annoying neighbors.

3. Barbara Jean (Reba)

Could it get worse than parents? How about your ex-husband's new wife moving in next door?

Yep, that's what happened in Reba. Once Reba and her husband divorced, he and the new wife -- Barbara Jean - moved in so they could be closer to the kids.

To make matters worse, Barbara Jean ended up wanting to be Reba's best friend. Awkward....

To her credit, Barbara Jean did end up breaking Reba's walls down a little and they ended up getting along.

Still, needy, husband-stealing-women are annoying neighbors.

2. Rose (Two and a Half Men)

If there's ever a good example of why not to have a one night stand, Rose is it. After she and Charlie Harper hooked up, he couldn't get rid of her. She'd show up, in a somewhat disturbing matter, on his deck. Granted, the deck did have a beach-front view, but still...a little stalker-ish.

Rose ended up coming in handy at times. She was pretty much an on-call babysitter. She was a helping hand if Charlie was sick. If he ever went on vacation, she was probably there to watch the house too -- though she was probably sleeping in his bed.

An annoyance, for sure, but at least she wasn't a Fatal Attraction kind of stalker.

No matter how harmless, infatuated, love-struck women are annoying neighbors.

1. Steve Urkel (Family Matters)

It just doesn't get worse than Steve Urkel.

He shows up at your house all the time because he is in love with your teenage daughter. That's annoying enough.

He doesn't stop there though. He wants to be your best pal.

It still doesn't stop there. He causes all kinds of damage to your house, whether it's letting his ant farm loose, throwing a bowling ball through your kitchen window, or driving a riding lawn mower through the wall of your house.

These are all accidents, of course, so it's hard to get completely and totally irate at the fella'. That's what makes it worse.

He's likeable -- so long as he's not causing any trouble in your general area.

Destruction-causing, good-hearted science geeks from next door are definitely annoying neighbors.

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