Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cars, cars, and...the Batmobile!

It was another gorgeous day in Charlotte today -- perfect weather for checking out the 2012 Charlotte Auto Show at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

It was actually my first time going to the Speedway. I've driven by it lots of times, but during the big races I'm usually working. I'm not sure I'd want to fight the traffic to be honest.

No traffic jams today though. I went to the auto show after lunch and things were just picking up. It was cool just walking on the track. Man, is that thing steep at places! People told me it was, but I didn't realize just how steep it actually is.

There loads and loads of cars, from all different eras. Some really cool paint jobs, for sure:

A few paint jobs that maybe need to be redone:

A few odds and ends, just like at a pawn shop...

Like I said, if it was on wheels, it was there...

No size too small...

This guy was smart. I walked all over the Speedway. Wore my sandals out.

Naturally, my favorite part was Batmobile Alley:

Check out the rest of the photos!

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