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10 TV shows and Movies that are FINALLY on DVD

I've posted a few blogs over the past 5 years about television shows and movies that somehow aren't readily available on DVD.

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Some people claim that the DVD is dying, but I don't think it ever will fully go away.  People still like tangible things.  They like to be the owner of something.

Digital purchases just aren't the same as having a physical DVD copy of your favorite show --- at least in my opinion.

Well, good news: some of that has changed!  Let's take a look at some of the TV shows and movies that finally came out on DVD:

Batman (1960s)

This show never won any awards that I'm aware of, but it is kind of a cult classic.

It's campy, it's out there, and the action scenes are cleverly edited with graphic elements and tilted camera angles.

Amazingly, despite the unbelievable storylines and unrealistic dialogue and being filmed on a studio set, this show holds up pretty well.

I can say that because this series was finally released on DVD in Nov. of 2014 as Batman fans of all ages rejoiced.

  -  Best Buy: $68.99
  -  Barnes and Noble: $63.99
  -  WalMart: $54.99
  -  Amazon (Prime): $54.99

The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994-1998)

This was a favorite of mine from the '90s. 

Any Nickelodeon kid will remember it.  It was a fun show about a teenage girl who had an accident that involved a chemical spill. 

The accident resulted in her getting powers. 

She could turn into a liquid-like puddle, she controlled electricity, she could levitate objects and she turned orange when she was nervous.

The complete series was released on DVD in 2017.  I, of course, bought a copy.

  -  Amazon: $16.62
  -  Best Buy: $17.99
  -  Barnes and Noble: $28.07
  -  WalMart: $16.62

The Nanny (seasons 4 through 7)

This show was released a year or so ago -- in complete form and with DVD extras.

It was about time, too.  Seasons 1 - 3 were available for several years, but 4 - 7 never ended up getting released.

Apparently all the issues that were lingering previously were all sorted out because it's now available for fans to purchase and enjoy.

It was released in late 2015.

While The Nanny may not have a spot in pop culture the way Seinfeld or The Office does, it was a damn good show with some great one-liners and physical comedy.

  -  Amazon: $73.99
  -  Barnes and Noble: $143.45
  -  WalMart: $71.99
  -  Target: $73.99

The Wonder Years (1988-1993)

This was the show that so many people wanted on DVD.  There are a lot of TV shows that people were hoping to purchase, but this show wasn't released for such a long time.  I think a lot of people assumed it would've been released alongside many other shows in the early 2000's.

It's the same story you'll see with a lot of these DVD's that weren't released: music rights.  There were issues that had to be resolved and contracts that had to be signed and royalties paid.

These days most shows get the rights to the music right away or have a clause in there for distribution rights, but nobody anticipated DVD's back in the 1980's and 1990's, so it took a while to sort all of these things out.

Thankfully, those issues were resolved and the complete series was released in Sept. of 2014.

  -  Amazon (Prime): $53.23
  -  WalMart: $55.49
  -  Target: $78.19
  -  Best Buy: $98.99

Good Morning, Miss Bliss

Oh my gosh!  After years and years of fans asking for this, we finally got it.  Shout Factory! released The Complete Saved By The Bell series (including Honeymoon in Vegas and Hawaiian Vacation ... but excluding The New Class) on DVD this month.

It does include Good Morning, Miss Bliss.  I blogged about this one in Feb. of 2017, but SBTB fans have been waiting for it for a while.

It's available at various retailers now:

  -  Amazon: $49.99
  -  Best Buy: $49.99
  -  Barnes and Noble: $59.99

The Beverly Hillbillies (kind of)

It seemed like someone was finally going to take control of The Beverly Hillbillies and distribute every season on DVD properly.  There are 5 'official' season available on Amazon, going for between $10 and $15 a season.

There are still the various black and white versions and 'Best of' packs available, but nothing beyond season 5.

I'm not sure what the problem is again.  It was such a classic show and I don't recall seeing it available on Amazon Prime, Netflix or any other streaming services.

Whoever is sitting on the rights to this show needs to get their act together and do the show justice by doing a full and proper release.

There are so many shows out there already on DVD that don't begin to compare to The Beverly Hillbillies.  Very frustrating as a fan.

Season 1:
  -  Amazon: $12.20
  -  Best Buy: $9.99
  -  Target: $14.29
  -  Barnes and Noble: $14.24
  -  Walmart: $12.20

Season 2:
  -  Amazon: $9.96
  -  Best Buy: $9.99
  -  Target: $12.79
  -  Barnes and Noble: $14.24
  -  Walmart: $9.96

Season 3:
  -  Amazon: $11.99
  -  Best Buy: $11.99
  -  Target: $12.79
  -  Barnes and Noble: $16.99
  -  Walmart: $11.99

Season 4:
  -  Amazon: $11.59
  -  Best Buy: $11.99
  -  Target: $11.59
  -  Barnes and Noble: $16.99
  -  Walmart: $11.59

Season 5:
  -  Amazon: $20.59
  -  Best Buy: $22.99
  -  Walmart: $21.74
  -  Target: $20.59


Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella, starring Lesley Ann Warren, was available way back in the early 2000's, but evidently there weren't a lot of copies made because it became impossible to find at in-store or online retailers. 

Used copies were going for higher than $100 on eBay.

I can take the movie or leave it, but I have relatives who are big, big fans, so when it finally was re-released a couple of years ago, it made for a few good Christmas gifts.

  -  Amazon: $7.99
  -  Best Buy: $7.99
  -  Barnes and Noble: $14.29
  -  Books-A-Million: $14.93
  -  Target: $8.99

Murphy Brown (seasons 2 - 10) -- possibly coming soon?

Murphy Brown is back in the latest of what's becoming a long list of TV reboots.

I have to assume that maybe -- just maybe -- the show's revival means that there will be a complete series released at some point down the road.

I read that music rights were an issue in the past, but they've had several years to square that situation away.  Maybe they figure it's just not worth the cost to make the DVDs due to all of the music rights they'd have to pay out in royalties.

If the DVD doesn't sell well, then I see why it wouldn't be worth it.  I guess it may depend on how well the new reboot season does.  If nothing else, you'll likely be able to buy the rebooted season(s) on DVD.

Season 1:
  -  Amazon: $14.97
  -  Or various sellers on Ebay

Step by Step -- seasons 1 & 2

Season 1 is available!  It was released this year.  Season 2 has been announced as well. 

Now, Step-by-Step may run into the same fate as The Nanny, Mad About You and Murphy Brown did for several years: stopping after just a couple of seasons.  But hey -- one or two seasons is better than none. 

There's no complete series availability that I'm aware of, but here's to hoping it'll happen.

In the meantime, enjoy the first two seasons.

Season 1:
  -  Amazon (Prime): $24.99
  -  Barnes and Noble: $29.99
  -  WalMart: $24.99
  -  Best Buy: $24.99

Season 2:
  -  Amazon (Prime): $23.52
  -  WalMart: $23.52

Unfortunately, there are still several TV shows and movies that aren't available yet.  We'll see if that changes ...


  • Two of a Kind
  • Frozen Assets
  • The Naked Truth
  • Suddenly Susan
  • Yes, Dear
  • Brotherly Love
  • Smart Guy
  • Spin City
  • Still Standing
  • Ready or Not (1993-1997)
  • The Elf Who Saved Christmas (1992)
  • Susie Q (1995)
  • Ocean Girl (1994-1997)
  • Spellbinder (1996)
  • The Torkelsons/Almost Home (1991 - 1993)
  • The Parent Trap III and IV
  • The Golden Palace
  • Flash Forward
  • Empty Nest
  • To Grandmother's House We Go
  • The Boyfriend School / Don't Tell Her It's Me

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